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When it comes to Facebook and fundraising we are talking about what we at Israel365 like to call the perfect collusion of right and left brain: creative content coupled with the science behind how to pick the right audiences and to get the right people to see your content.

Facebook strategy is very important to your fundraising efforts, but not because you are going to raise a lot of money from Facebook. Generally speaking, you will raise little or no money on Facebook. However, by creating highly relevant and targeted audiences for your campaign, you can get the right people to your donation page. And we do know that multiple touches leads to a higher conversion rate.

One thing to think about is how to optimize your ad sets when advertising on Facebook. You should be using smart lists, which can be built a couple of ways. One way is by using you own Google Analytics data, which can be integrated with Facebook and then Facebook can target your website visitors and people who “look like” those visitors.

Another idea is to export your email list from Mailchimp, Constant Contact or whatever email provider you are using and to then upload it to Facebook. Facebook can find those people and create “lookalikes” for them, as well.

You should also try to target those people who would be interested in your cause.

If you are an Israeli soup kitchen, for example, you would want to find people who have capacity to give – so perhaps over the age of 27 or 28 and under retirement age. You would want to target people who are pro-Israel and perhaps who list volunteerism as an interest.

As your campaign runs, you should every few days upload a list of exclusions, people who already contributed to your campaign so that you don’t waste your Facebook spend on people who already made a donation.

Facebook targeting can be sophisticated and it is worth it to build a few audiences and several ads under each audience, testing which messages and images perform best.

Make sure to use trackable URLs so that you can see how much traffic and if any donations come from your Facebook advertising.

Recently, as rockets started pounding southern Israel, Israel365 ran a campaign for Yahad – United for Israel’s Soldiers. One component of that campaign was a video we uploaded directly to Facebook. It achieved 32,000 views, reached 53,000 people and received 14,000 comments.

The Yahad campaign brought in $11,000 in 72 hours. The money did not come from Facebook, but 14% of users actually came from Facebook, meaning 14% of traffic to the donation page in those 72 hours was via Facebook and likely through the link that was in the post above the video. While 5% of donations were from Facebook – and another 5% organic, likely people who saw the video and Googled the organization and then gave – we can assume that the video softened the ask and those who saw the video were more likely to give via a targeted email campaign, for example.

You can watch the video here:

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