About Israel365 Media & Our Christian Audience

About Israel365

  • Israel365 is a leading English-speaking digital marketing and advertising agency in Israel, with a special expertise in marketing to the Christian Zionist community.
  • Strong team of creative and innovative digital marketers, writers and PR experts that know how to research and reach anyone.
  • Data-driven strategies.
  • Access to a network of foreign media in Israel and abroad.
  • Proven knowledge of how to talk to the pro-Israel community for success.
  • Marketing platforms with significant reach: 300,000 email subscribers | 200,000+ people on our various Facebook pages | 2.5 million month pageviews on Breaking Israel News (visitors spend up to 3 minutes on a page) that clients access to reach the Christian community.

About Israel365’s Christian Audience

A recent survey that Israel365 conducted of more than 2,200 Christian readers found:

  • 33% have a leadership role within a religious establishment
  • More than 10% would be interested in opening a bank account in Israel
  • 35% give charity several times per month
  • 22% plan to visit Israel within 2 years
  • 52% check for news from Israel several times per day

What We Do

Israel365 manages the translation of your brand strategy into creative messaging appropriate for a Christian audience.


  • Lead generation
  • Fundraising
  • Advertising
  • Multi-channel Marketing Strategy
  • Branding

The Channels We Work With:

Conferences | Direct mail | eBooks | Emails | Landing pages / websites | Events | Media relations – print, online, TV, radio | Mobile | Native advertising (sponsored content) | Newsletters | Online advertising | Phone | Press releases | Social media – all platforms | Webinars

Our Leadership & Creative Team

Israel365 Leadership Team

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