Marketplace: Evangelical Christian Facts

Population Chart

What are the top 5 evangelical states?

  • Tennessee (52% evangelical)
  • Kentucky (49%)
  • Alabama (49%)
  • Oklahoma (47%)
  • Arkansas (46%)

How much do evangelicals give to Israel?

  • An estimated $500 million annually into the Israeli economy and charities.



What are evangelical Christian purchasing patterns?

  • The Christian market (70 million American adults) accounts for $2.1 trillion or 28 percent of the national annual income.
  • Evangelical Christians are drawn to products that reinforce their religious values, and more so than other groups.
  • Annual sales through the Christian Retail Association and Christian Retail Channel are around $4.63 billion.
  • And we know that 40% of online Judaica is purchased by Christians.


Sources: 24/7 Wall Street Report, based on Pew Research Study on Religion; International Fellowship of Christian and Jews; Bloomberg; Packaged Facts, a New York-based market research firm; Judaica Webstore.


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