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6 Summer Marketing Tasks

If you are not in the tourism or travel industry, summer may be a time at which you experience a much-needed lull in workload. Do not waste that time twiddling your thumbs. Instead, use the summer to prepare for the marketing you will do the rest of the year and to handle those tasks you [...]

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Summer Marketing Guide

Summer is a time for swimming pools and suntans, for BBQs and beach balls. In short, summer is about fun! Smart marketers know that when kids are off school and families are vacationing they are in a different state of mind. On the one hand, you have to work harder to get their attention. On [...]

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How to Talk so Christians Will Listen

How to Talk so Christians Will Listen We all know that the No. 1 thing that can make or break our marketing efforts is the language we use. Sure, you can learn about your customer’s thoughts, fears, wants and desires. But if you don’t know how to speak their language, they’re never going to hand [...]

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Galilee Green

Rabbi Shmuel Veffer, co-founder of Galilee Green We already knew about the large non-Jewish market that wants to support Israeli businesses. We were looking for the most efficient way to reach these people in larger numbers while taking care of the core needs of our day to day business. After each article was posted, we [...]

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Meir Panim

Meir Panim's digital marketing has been managed by Israel Media Network for nearly four years. They consistently provide high quality and effective news articles, ads, and newsletters which promote the work of Meir Panim to Jews and Christians who love Israel worldwide. Israel Media Network recently created an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign for Meir Panim, [...]

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Luke Hilton, Director of Marketing, HaYovel It was an incredible pleasure working with Israel Media Network. Shlomo and the rest of the staff were very helpful in assisting us to figure out the best advertising approach for HaYovel. After running a successful lead generation campaign, we were pleasantly surprised to finish with almost 25% more [...]

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City Of David

City of David  -  Director of Outreach-  Anarina Heymann We have worked together with Israel365 and the Israel Media Network on a number of campaigns to help us enlarge our database and increase awareness regarding the very important work done through the excavations at the City of David (Ancient Jerusalem). Israel 365 delivered great service [...]

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Cause Match

 Cause Match - Founder - Joseph Bornstein Cause Match has had an excellent experience working with the Israel Media Network. Thanks to their help with strategy and step-by-step assistance, they have been able to streamline our ability to help clients share their story and message with a much wider audience. And they have been able [...]

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Jerusalem Nano Bible

Jerusalem Nano Bible – Ben Eshel Working with the Israel Media Network is an absolute pleasure for us. All the way from managing ongoing campaigns, dealing with problems, promoting products through finance and customer support. They have always been 100% available for questions and issues. On top of all - sales have been great! The [...]

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The Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post Group - V.P. Digital & Business Development -  Maor Davidovich Working with the Israel Media Network was a great success from the first step. IMN assisted us with the promotion of the our annual Jerusalem Post Conference helping us reach a new audience in the Evangelical and Jewish market through targeting a specific [...]

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