Multi-Touch Marketing Management

High-converting, High-touch Advertising Pop-up (pounder) Ads Take over the Breaking Israel News website for 24 hours and engage as many as 50,000 visitors with your message Israel365 Daily Inspiration Modules Present Israel365’s 200,000 “Daily Inspiration” email subscribers with a banner and three-piece sponsored content package Email Blast Packages That Convert Israel365 offers email blasts to [...]

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Facebook & Other Lead Generation: Case Studies

Overview: Israel365 Facebook Strategy AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Israel365 creates highly relevant, segmented target audiences for each Facebook campaign by leveraging and optimizing ads sets to: Brand Google Analytics data Brand list & look-alikes Israel365 lists and look-alikes And: Crossing over demographic and interest data from engagers Blending interest targeting and look-alike audiences Targeting life events (bar [...]

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About Israel365 Media & Our Christian Audience

About Israel365 Israel365 is a leading English-speaking digital marketing and advertising agency in Israel, with a special expertise in marketing to the Christian Zionist community. Strong team of creative and innovative digital marketers, writers and PR experts that know how to research and reach anyone. Data-driven strategies. Access to a network of foreign media in [...]

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Marketplace: Evangelical Christian Facts

What are the top 5 evangelical states? Tennessee (52% evangelical) Kentucky (49%) Alabama (49%) Oklahoma (47%) Arkansas (46%) How much do evangelicals give to Israel? An estimated $500 million annually into the Israeli economy and charities.     What are evangelical Christian purchasing patterns? The Christian market (70 million American adults) accounts for $2.1 trillion [...]

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Facebook Fundraising?

When it comes to Facebook and fundraising we are talking about what we at Israel365 like to call the perfect collusion of right and left brain: creative content coupled with the science behind how to pick the right audiences and to get the right people to see your content. Facebook strategy is very important to [...]

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301% More People Give Through Crowdfunding

When talking about how to stick out in fundraising, one of the best ways to do that is through crowdfunding. “Around the holidays, everyone is running some kind of campaign,” said Shlomo Schreibman, vice president of business development for Israel365. “Crowdfunding can differentiate your campaign.” Schreibman said Israel365 has been using the CauseMatch platform because [...]

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6 Summer Marketing Tasks

If you are not in the tourism or travel industry, summer may be a time at which you experience a much-needed lull in workload. Do not waste that time twiddling your thumbs. Instead, use the summer to prepare for the marketing you will do the rest of the year and to handle those tasks you [...]

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Summer Marketing Guide

Summer is a time for swimming pools and suntans, for BBQs and beach balls. In short, summer is about fun! Smart marketers know that when kids are off school and families are vacationing they are in a different state of mind. On the one hand, you have to work harder to get their attention. On [...]

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A/B Test for Success

Most marketers today understand the value of conducting an A/B test, but many marketers don’t know how to get optimal value out of their test. Either they A/B test everything and too often. Or, they call their A/B tests too early, rendering the results insignificant. But worst is when they don’t know what business question [...]

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